The Best of UCF

The Best of UCF

As you may know, I have been a student at the University of Central Florida for the past year. I was a little nervous about my decision to attend UCF at first, but over the past year I have absolutely fallen in love with this school! Here are all of my favorite things about UCF:

The Reflecting Pond

The reflecting pond is probably the most recognizable landmark of UCF. Whenever friends came to visit me at school, they always asked me to “see the huge fountain!” And for good reason – it’s so pretty and calming! There is nothing better than watching the sunset by the pond while having a dollar cone from Toppers on Wednesday. It was also nice to walk by on Tuesday and Thursday mornings on the way to my 9 AM in the visual arts building (it made me slightly less grumpy and tired for that class).


When I first started at UCF last Fall, there was a pretty great food selection. Sadly, the options have dwindled, especially in the Student Union (RIP, Corner Cafe). We do still have some good options though:

  • Starbucks! At my orientation, my O-Team Leader cut our campus tour short and brought us to Starbucks instead. It was amazing. Also, if you have the all-access meal plan, you can get free lattes from Starbucks with a meal swipe (this saved me so much money)
  • Einsteins Bagels: There are two of these (one in BA 1 and one in the Education Complex). They have great bagels, and good coffee too (cheaper than Starbucks if you’re trying to save money). Again, you can get free bagels using a meal swipe with the all-access meal plan – I definitely took advantage of this!
  • Knightros: So real talk, neither of the dining halls are particularly good. But if you’re going to go to one, try to go to Knightro’s! They’re almost never busy, and the food is fresher. The only thing the ’63 South has that Knightro’s doesn’t is the coffee bar, which, admittedly, was pretty cool.

There are tons more options for food on campus (Chick-fil-a, Subway, Pollo Tropical, Qdoba, etc.), but these were the ones I frequented the most.

Fun Things

There are a lot of perks that come with being a student at UCF! The Rec and Wellness Center is amazing, and I was able to utilize a lot of their services. My dorm was right next to the main gym (I could literally see it from my room), so I didn’t really have an excuse not to go. As well as the great facilities, the group exercise classes were really fun! The 3 PM yoga on Fridays was one of my favorite things about my whole week. The leisure pool was nice too! The school also put on cool events throughout the year. My favorite by far was the DNCE concert! They also had lots of events with free food, which I never passed up.


Even though UCF is in a somewhat suburban area, there is a lot to do near campus. In the immediate area, there are tons of restaurants and shops, which usually offer some kind of student deal (the $7 student special at Spoleto was my fave). There’s also plenty of clubs/bars around too if that’s what you’re into (talking about you, Pub and Lib). If you want to venture a little further off campus, downtown Orlando is cool. There is also Lake Eola, Lake Baldwin, and (my personal fave), Winter Park to explore. The school is also about an hour from the coast, so you’re never too far from the beach!

The Campus

UCF has a great campus. It is pretty big, but totally walkable, and since it’s a big circle, getting around isn’t too hard. The scenery is pretty, and allows for pleasant walks to and from classes. UCF also has some pretty nice housing. To be honest, some communities are better than others (Neptune and Towers are #dormgoals), but none of them are too bad. I was in the Academic Village, and I thought it was great! On the subject of classroom buildings, some are waaaay better than others. The good ones include Heath and Public Affairs I, the Teaching Academy, and Classroom II. Some of the lesser ones are the Mathematical Sciences building, Classroom I, and Business Administration I (although it has gotten better since the remodel). Other great things about the campus are the Memory Mall (catch the quiddich team practicing here on Thursday evenings), the Breezeway, and Knights Plaza.

There we go! I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment telling me about your school!

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