Trying to be Creative Again

Trying to be Creative Again

For about 14 years of my life, I danced almost non-stop. I was a competitive dancer, I made up little dances in my free time, and even taught lots of dance classes once I got older. This dance-filled life allowed me to be creative and express myself all the time. Since I had been doing that for as long as I could remember, it came naturally, and I never felt creatively stifled.

Fast forward to now, and my focus has shifted, with dance being an occasional activity at best. As much as I would have loved to keep up with it, I didn’t have the time, or space (hello tiny dorm room) needed to continue. It took me a while to realize that because of this, I felt a need to create, but didn’t know how to do that in a way that wasn’t dancing.

While myself and those around me saw me as creative growing up, I was only creative in the way of dancing. I was never into painting or drawing, definitely not a good singer, and always preferred academic writing over creative writing. So when it came time to reduce the role dance played in my life, I didn’t know how to cope with the lack of a creative outlet.

I recently saw a quote that read “create more than you consume,” and it really resonated with me. The idea of living a life full of creation and creativity sounds so wonderful and fulfilling. So I decided that I would try to incorporate this principle into my daily life. There was only one problem.

I had no idea how.

As mentioned above, I’ve been going through somewhat of a creative crisis. I tried to be creative here and there, drawing little doodles and writing in my journal, but nothing had been working. I knew there had to be something I could do, so I sat and made a list of things that I enjoyed that didn’t involve consumption. I had a hard time with this, but finally came up with a few things that I enjoyed, made me feel creative, and could be easily incorporated into my life.

The first one was revisiting this blog. I was really excited when I created this blog in the summer, and enjoyed writing for it. It felt like a happy medium between creative writing (which I could never quite get into), and academic writing (which I generally enjoy but can be difficult and boring at times). But as time went on, I busier with work and summer classes, and lost motivation. Then the fall semester came and all hope was lost. But I’ve decided to at least try to get back into it, and this is my start!

Another thing I have been enjoying is creating yoga flows. I’ve been taking yoga classes almost every week since last fall, and I’ve fallen in love! I enjoy how it is physically demanding while also being calming. Lately, I have been working a lot and have missed a lot of classes. This has led me to create some yoga sequences to practice at home, and it has been a fantastic outlet for me. It has also allowed me to push myself physically, which is something that I haven’t done as much without dancing.

The final creative outlet I have been using is creating playlists. This is perhaps not the most creative thing I could do, but it has been working for me. I love music, and being able to capture a feeling through a playlist is so cool to me! It also allows me to remember what songs I was into at a particular time in my life, which is pretty neat to look back on.

I’m still at the beginning of my journey to creative fulfillment, but I have high hopes! I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what your favorite creative outlet is in the comments below!!


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